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Tupperware Chopper

I am sure I am not the only person out there, who absolutely loves cooking, but gets put off by all the prep work it includes, especially the cutting of vegetables, onions and garlic.

As someone who cries by just looking at an uncut onion, I try to either avoid it or to delegate the task to someone else. But again, as someone who is passionate about cooking, it feels like blasphemy to leave out onions completely, when creating a dish and there is not always a willing roommate around to do the task for me.

So, what is the solution to my predicament? The answer is Tupperware. More specifically said, a Tupperware chopper, which does the job for you.

tupperware chopper closed lid

This little device, sports three knives which powered by a string mechanism, chops anything into tiny little cubes. The device is small and handy, which makes it fit perfectly into your hand to hold when pulling the string.

The rubber feet prevent the chopper from sliding around while in use. The lid sits securely thanks to a twisting mechanism. The small size only offers to chop small amounts of food, such as onion and garlic, but the upside is, it barely takes up any space in your cupboard.

I use this Tupperware chopper all the time, when I’m either to lazy or when I’m trying to not cry all over my dinner.

tupperware chopper open lid