Three Desgined Objects

MacBook Adapter

As MacBooks (and other laptops) become thinner and thinner, it becomes close to impossible to add all the connections an old school computer might sport, and that people have been used to up until now.

This might have to do with convenience in producing laptops that are smaller and lighter and therefore even more portable. But realistically speaking when it comes to big and influential tech companies, such as Apple, it is most likely just a cash grab.

Once they get you hooked on their products, they can seemingly remove all the good aspects, you once came to like, and make you pay extreme amounts of extra money just to have access to these lost features.

2 types MacBook adapter

It is debatable if a MacBook is therefore a well designed product in itself, but off-brand products, that mimic the original in replacing lost features, are (at least for me) a good design.

As an avid Apple lover, I would hate to exchange my light and portable MacBook for a bigger and heavier one just to have some USB ports, even though I might hate to admit this.

The product in question, is a adapter, that provides ports to my most used connections, such as USB, HDMI, SD cards and even a port to connect your charger, and all of this at a much lower price than an Apple original. The adapter is small and sleek and fits in any of my bags, ready to be used whenever I need it.

MacBook adapter plugged into MacBook with a USB stick