Three Desgined Objects

Coffee Tamper & Mat

Maybe you have worked in a coffee shop before or you are just a coffee enthusiast like me, but I feel like everyone only mildly interested in coffee, would benefit from this product.

When making my coffee at home, I have resorted to all sorts of things to tamper my coffee grounds. I have used espresso mugs, the bottom of a candle (cleaned of course) and other things which are way worse.

When my flatmate, and trained barista, told me about a coffee tamper I just had to look into it. The one I found came with a handy mat, that you can attach to your countertop.

Coffee Tamper & Mat in use

The tamper itself is quite heavy, which helps in putting pressure on it to compress the coffee grounds. Its design is sleek, timeless and looks aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen (or coffee shop).

The mat is made of rubber and therefore non slip. It has a lip attached at the front, so it sits snug against the edge of the countertop. It also has a designated space for the tamper to be placed when not in use. This does not have much function, other than, that the tamper will always have a spot and won’t be misplaced.

The spot to place the portafilter (device that the coffee grounds get poured into) is sunken in a bit and moulded to the shape of a portafilter. This helps with nothing slipping around.

Coffee Tamper and Mat in use