Teaching Week 6 – What I have learned

As I was unable to go into class this week and complete all of my work, I made sure to catch up on most of the work.

I further developed my self-introduction page through making colour palettes and font stacks and creating mock pages through indesign and canva.com.

I chose my layout to be a grid, which turned out to be quite a difficult thing to achieve. A Youtube tutorial by Traversy Media called ‘CSS Grid Layout Crash Course’ helped with wrapping my head around the complexity.

As this week as all about colour and images, I made sure to revise my colour palette to make it a bit more professional. I went for a green look, to make it seem clean and calm.

I also started organising my CSS into chapters, such as typography and layout, to make the navigation easier. This is something I will try out over the next week and if it works, I will apply it to all of my CSS files.

This also included adding the colour hexcodes as well as my font stacks, and their intended use to the top of my CSS file.

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